APEC Multi-Year Project

The APEC Multi-Year Project (M SCE 02 2013A) – Strengthening Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Food Losses in the Supply Chain started in 2013. The project team are working hard to achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify key issues on reducing FLW,
  • Seek best practices in private and public sectors; and
  • Find practical solutions and enhance capacity building.

Project's core approach consists of three main pillars:
2014 on FAO methodology
2015 on refinement baseline
2016 on macro-level driver
2017 on industry-level
2018 on A FLW Quantification Handbook for APEC Economies
2013 on cereal crops
2014 on fruit and vegetables
2015 on fishery and livestock
2016 on retail/consumer waste
2017 on reduction policies
2018 on high level policy dialogue
2014 on crop sector
2015 on fishery and livestock
2016 on food waste
2017 on policies and PPP